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Speech Language Therapy

Initial Evaluation

In order for speech therapy sessions to be personalized and meaningful, our services begin with an evaluation. We will gather information about your insights as a parent, learn about your child's strengths and challenges, and collect a sample of their current speech and language skills.

Natural Language Acquisition
Child smiling and communicating with AAC device tablet for speech therapy

Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC)

When children aren't able to communicate through spoken words, it can cause frustration and barriers in life. We bridge that gap through the use of AAC to establish a reliable communication system - whether gestured, signed, or selected on a device. AAC therapy will help your child:

  • Use meaningful vocabulary​

  • Successfully relay their wants, needs, ideas, and questions

  • Participate fully in daily decisions and interactions

  • Build confidence as an independent communicator

We also assist you in selecting an AAC device, getting funding for the device, and using it throughout your child's day.

Natural Language Acquisition (NLA)

We specialize in working with children who use echolalia and scripting to communicate. During child-led play activities, we acknowledge and honor scripts while modeling new language to help children move through the NLA stages - from echolalia to original language! Speech therapy will help your child:

  • Feel affirmed and connected when communicating

  • Express themselves clearly in their own words

  • Use language that is better understood by others

Parent involvement is key in gestalt language therapy. Family members are always encouraged to join in, learn, and participate! 

Speech Sound Therapy

Articulation & Phonological Speech Sound Disorders

Does your child have difficulty making certain speech sounds or speaking clearly so that others can understand? We address speech sound errors through a variety of individualized approaches within play-based activities. Articulation and phonological therapy will help your child:

  • Use all age-appropriate speech sounds in words and sentences

  • Clearly express themselves when talking to other children and adults

  • Reduce frustration from not being understood

  • Gain confidence in their speech and reduce feelings of self-consciousness 

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)

Children with CAS often need support to coordinate the muscle movements between sounds and syllables. We use a motor-based approach called DTTC (Dynamic Temporal and Tactile Cueing) during motivating and child-led activities to improve motor speech skills while having fun! Speech therapy will help your child:

  • Add new consonants and vowels to their speech sound inventory

  • Say words that are meaningful to them with higher accuracy

  • Speak clearly so that others understand them

  • Confidently communicate their needs, wants, and ideas

Child with Childhood Apraxia of Speech in speech therapy
Accepting New Clients!

Total Spectrum Speech Therapy provides in-clinic services for children in Sacramento, and teletherapy services for clients throughout CA.

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