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Total Spectrum Therapy

Neurodiversity-Affirming Speech and Language Therapy in the Greater Sacramento Area 

*Virtual Therapy available in Florida and Colorado


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What We Offer:

Individualized Speech or Language Therapy 

We offer speech and language services to cover a variety of topics (see below). We specialize in child-centered therapy, which means that each therapy session is individualized to your child's individual preferences, needs, and strengths. We aim to always approach therapy from a strength-based lense, with the goal of creating lasting communication gains for your child.


Therapy is offered in-home and online via teletherapy.

In home services: Sacramento area only.

Teletherapy services: All California residents.

$70  - 30 minute session

$100 - 60 minute session

Speech and Language Evaluations

We offer comprehensive speech and language evaluations to provide a deep look into your child's communication skills. We use a variety of formal and informal assessments, such as:

- parent interview

- child/therapist play interaction

- observations in a variety of settings

- language sample analysis

- formal test measures


This ensures we are getting the full picture of your child's unique strengths and challenges. Following the evaluation, if therapy is recommended, we will develop a unique therapy plan to address any areas of need. Evaluations can also be performed as a "second opinion" source.

Comprehensive Assessment + Written Report - $150 per hour

AAC Evaluations

We offer comprehensive AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) assessments. If your child qualifies for an AAC device, we will help submit the report to insurance, to acquire a funded device.

Our assessment will:

  • determine eligibility for AAC use

  • determine which device is best suited for your child

  • provide a thorough assessment report

  • submit AAC report to insurance for funding

AAC assessment + report + insurance funding process - $500


Why In-Home Services?

Children learn better when they are comfortable in their environment. Additionally, parent coaching and family support is an important part of our intervention strategy. The more people that are informed of the strategies and goals for the child, the better the outcome. In-home therapy also offers time flexibility for YOU, and no wasted time in a waiting room.


Our Specialities

- Delayed Echolalia / Scripting / Gestalt Language Processing

- AAC Implementation and Programming

- Support for Non or Minimally-Speaking Children

- Delayed Speech or Language Production

- Childhood Apraxia of Speech

- Late Talkers

ALL services are child-centered. Therapists are highly trained in working with neurodivergent children in a neurodiversity affirming way.


About Me

Your Child Comes First

Hi, I'm Katja Piscitelli M.S. CCC-Speech Language Pathologist, founder of Total Spectrum Therapy. My mission in starting this company is to help more families and Autistic children get the right kind of therapy, that is strengths-based, neurodiversity- affirming, and focused on honoring their specific needs. I specialize in working with echolalia (gestalt language processing). Turning scripting into self-generated language is an incredibly rewarding process. I also specialize in Childhood Apraxia of Speech, early language intervention, and neurodo-diversity affirming pragmatics therapy (e.g. self-advocay). I am here to offer a child-focused alternative to the behavioral methods that are so often recommended to neurodivergent students. Additionally, I am a sensory processing trained SLP and focus on regulating sensory needs in each and every session.

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