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Neurodiversity-Affirming Speech, Language, and Occupational Therapy in the Greater Sacramento Area 


Welcome to Total Spectrum Speech Therapy

As a neurodiversity-affirming speech therapy practice, we honor and respect different ways of being, thinking, and communicating. Our speech therapists are proud to offer a child-focused alternative to the behavioral methods that are so often recommended to neurodivergent children with speech, language, and social differences. By providing convenient and accessible services both online and in-clinic, we can help your whole family authentically connect and communicate!

Children in Indoor Playground ball pit for sensory play

Our Mission

Total Spectrum Speech Therapy is committed to helping your child use natural, self-generated language to effectively express all of their wants, needs, thoughts, feelings, protests, questions, and ideas.

Autistic child in play based speech therapy

Our Approach

Our speech therapy sessions are child-led and conducted through play. We openly model language using the strategies of Natural Language Acquisition (NLA) to support development of new and original language.

Child communicating with AAC device tablet

Our Specialties

We specialize in working with autistic children and gestalt language processors (kids who use echolalia). We honor all forms of communication, whether spoken, gestured, or selected on an AAC device.

Katja Piscitelli, M.S., CCC-SLP speech therapist in California

Meet Katja

Owner, Speech-Language Pathologist

I am a neurodiversity-affirming speech therapist who is passionate about helping autistic children and their families thrive. Total Spectrum Speech Therapy was built on the idea that authentic and meaningful communication can be achieved without harmful behavioral methods by truly seeing each child's strengths, following their lead, and empowering family members in the process. My team and I will spend time getting to know your child - what makes them happy, what interests them, and what their unique strengths and difficulties are - so that we can help them share who they are with the world. 

Ready to get started with 
Total Spectrum Speech Therapy?

Step One

Contact us for a FREE 15-minute consultation call. We will listen to your concerns, share about our services, and schedule your child's first session.

Step Two

If needed, participate in an evaluation to identify your child's unique strengths, interests, and communication challenges.

Step Three

Begin weekly speech therapy sessions! We offer clinic based services in Midtown Sacramento, and tele therapy services to all CA residents.

Getting Started

A significant part of what she does is help teach my husband and I how to support and model our son's language development...

"We're so grateful to have Katja/Total Spectrum Therapy working with our autistic son. Not only is she educated/experienced in supporting gestalt language processors, she clearly values autistic voices and making sure her practices are guided by what autistic people say is best. A significant part of what she does is help teach my husband and I how to support and model our son's language development outside of our online sessions with her. We can see the difference Katja's services have made, and others have commented on his improvements, too. Additionally, Katja sets clear, manageable goals for our son, and communicates clearly about his progress and focus areas that need attending."

~ Parent

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